How many spots are available?

 Actual size of the program will be based on the number of applicants. . Total spots available will also be dependent on the ability of Windsor Secondary to organize a suitable schedule to meet the needs of the students.

 If the program is over-subscribed, student selection for the Soccer Academy may be determined by lottery in a manner consistent with the School District policy: 605

Where do I access registration forms?

Online forms will be here soon.

 Hard copies are available at Windsor Secondary School and Central Registration Office 2121 Lonsdale Ave. N Van

Will preference be given to elite players?

 Registration is open to male and female students of all skill levels. It is a skill development academy for beginner to elite level players.

Will there be try-outs?

 Registration is open to male and female students of all skill levels. There are no try-outs.

Will preference be given to North Vancouver School District students?

 Students who register for the Soccer Academy must be attending or have registered for a secondary school in the North Vancouver School District.

Will preference be given to Windsor students?

 The Academy program is open to all North Vancouver School District students.

Will there be equal numbers of boys and girls?

 Not necessarily as the composition of the Soccer Academy, like all school classes and programs, will be dependent on the numbers of players registering for the Soccer Academy.

 The goal of the Academy is to have a balance of male and female students.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

 Primary contact at NVSD for Academic & Registration questions:

Nancy Roberts


Office: 604-903-3700

 Contact for Academy Program Content questions:

Mr. Alec Lewis

Soccer Academy Teacher Coordinator

Windsor Secondary School



Program Cost

How much will the program cost?

 $165 per month for 10 months.

 The first $165 payment is due at the time of registration.

 9 post-dated cheques are to be submitted with the registration package. Please see the registration package for more information on dates.

What is included in the program fees?

 Professional coaches, targeted soccer program,

 Soccer Academy jersey – all other equipment/kit to be provided by the student

 10 classes per month

 On field instruction in conjunction with all requirements of NVSD curriculum

 Leadership development and coaching certification to be developed

Program Structure

When will my child attend the Soccer Academy?

 Classes will be from 1:40 pm – 3:00 pm on either Day 1 or Day 2 (every other day for the student).

 Students have soccer five afternoons over a two week period (on average 10 classes per month).

Will transportation be provided for students?

 At this time transportation to and from the Soccer Academy is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian. There is a shuttle currently operating between Seycove and Windsor.

 The District is evaluating transportation alternatives for all academy programs.

Will this program be available for students attending schools with a semester structure?

 Yes, the program is available to all NVSD registered students.

 Windsor is based on a linear schedule and therefore students at semester-based schools will need to coordinate their schedules accordingly.

 If you are at a semester based school, talk with your school administrator about how your school might assist you with scheduling.

Where will the training take place?

 Primary training will occur in the Bubble with secondary training sessions held on the track, turf, gymnasiums or other facilities as appropriate.

How many instructors will be in each class?

 Each class will have one teacher plus a complement of coaches.

 We are targeting a 10:1 student to instructor ratio or better

Who is the Windsor teacher for the program?

 Mr. Alec Lewis is the current Windsor teacher for the program.

Program Content

What will a typical class look like?

 Every day will be unique depending on the skills being developed. A class will typically commence with:

o Warm-up & dynamic stretching

o May include class discussion about session objectives

o Main component

 Fitness: speed and agility, power, endurance, coordination and strength training

 Individual skills: passing, receiving, dribbling, heading, shooting

 Tactics: Position specific drills, systems 1-4-3-3, 1-4-4-2, etc. Defensive Drills, Attacking

Drills, set plays, communication, etc.

 Full sided games and mini games.

o Cool-down /stretch

o Post session talk

How will the program accommodate players of different ages, ability and gender?

 The size of the Windsor facilities, estimated class size and targeted coach/student ratio will allow for a combination of group training as well as sub-groupings based on player ability (regardless of age or gender).

Will there be spots set aside for goalies?

 Yes. Actual number of spots will be determined based on registration. We are estimating that 8 of the spots will be reserved for goalkeepers

 Goalkeeper specific training will be delivered by a dedicated goalkeeper coach.

Will the program include other sports related activities other than soccer?

 In addition to soccer skills and tactics training, the program will provide key fitness deliverables such as weight training, rhythmic movement and dance, yoga, circuit training, leadership skills development and fitness testing.

How does this program meet the Ministry of Education guidelines for Physical Education credits?

 The Soccer Academy meets all of the learning outcomes for Physical Education at student grade level so students will receive course credit for Physical Education for grades 8 through 12.

Does this program include a leadership component?

 Students will apply leadership skills by leading in-class activities and through certification programs through active participation in local community service/volunteer work.

 Grade 11 and 12 students will be required to complete community service hours in soccer-related activities as part of their PE 11 and 12 course requirements.


Who is NSGSC?

 NSGSC is North Shore Girls Soccer Club

 NSGSC is one of the largest community sports clubs in North America

 The club has a full time professional head coach (Alistair Browne)

 Professional coaching staff experienced in coaching boys and girls of all ages and skill levels

 World class facilities, coaches and curriculum

How was NSGSC selected?

 NVSD put out an open tender for Academy proposals and NSGSC put forward a compelling proposal that fully met all requirements NVSD set out for this type of a program

 NVSD and NSGSC have an existing partnership and proven working relationship

 NSGSC are active community partners & have necessary resources in place for a successful program

What are the NSGSC coaches qualifications for boys?

 All of NSGSC’s coaches have experience coaching both boys and girls. The curriculum is designed for both boys and girls.

Will other soccer clubs and provincial or national soccer organizations be involved?

 The Academy will be reaching out to all local soccer clubs and intends to work with senior levels of soccer in BC and

Canada in ensuring the program meets everyone’s expectations.

Other Questions

Will participation in this program affect the student’s ability to play for their home school soccer team?

 Registration in the Soccer Academy will not affect a player’s ability to play on their home school soccer team as students are cross-enrolled at Windsor.

 Students who transfer to Windsor for the Soccer Academy in Grade 9 to 12 will be subject to BC School Sports eligibility rules for school sports.

Will this program affect extra-curricular sports or a student’s ability to participate in club soccer?

 Academy classes will be run during normal school hours and will not conflict with extracurricular offerings or club programs.

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