The North Vancouver School District has formed a partnership with the North Shore Girls’ Soccer Club to offer a Soccer Academy at Windsor Secondary School. The Soccer Academy, parallel in design to the NVSD Hockey Academy, provides for the participation of all students, male and female, regardless of their soccer experience. The primary facility for the Soccer Academy will be the state of the art Indoor Soccer Bubble featuring brand new turf and a temperature controlled environment, allowing for year round play. Other facilities used will be the Turf field at Windsor as well as the Windsor gyms, weight room and classrooms.

The Soccer Academy at Windsor Secondary School began September 2012. Students who register for the Academy must be attending or have registered for a North Vancouver School District school. Classes are held in period 4 and 8 – the afternoon period which is consistent with most North Vancouver Secondary schools.Transportation to and from the Academy is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.

The program will consist of a soccer curriculum as set out by the North Shore Girls’ Soccer Club and will be in compliance with the BC Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Physical Education. Students earn their grade-equivalent P.E. credit upon successful completion of the program.

Note:  Registration in the Soccer Academy will not affect a player’s ability to play on their home school’s soccer team.

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